List of PhD Thesis on Trust, Reputation, Privacy and Identity Management

(the complete list is available in the group databases)

Year  PhD Title Author Institution Keywords
1994 Formalising Trust as a Computational Concept Stephen Paul Marsh University of Stirling formal trust model
2003 The Nature of Trust: Conceptual and Operational Clarification Romano Donna M. Louisiana State University multidisciplinary trust scale, psychology, user studies
2003 Computational Models of Trust and Reputation: Agents, Evolutionary Games, and Social Networks Lik Mui Massachusetts Institute of Technology trust, reputation, ratings
2005 Trust, Security and Privacy in Global Computing Jean-Marc Seigneur University of Dublin, Trinity College trust engine, virtual identities, trust vs. privacy
2005 A Framework for Decentralised Trust Reasoning Alfarez Abdul-Rahman University College London trust models, reputation, recommendations, threats
2005 Trust in Mediated Interactions Jens Riegelsberger University College London trust, HCI
2005 Computing and Applying Trust in Web-based Social Networks Jennifer Golbeck University of Maryland at College Park trust, social networks
2006 Towards a Theory of Trust for the Global Ubiquitous Computer Karl Krukow University of Aarhus SECURE trust model, reputation system