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We are already around 270 academic and industrial members.


The trustcomp Yahoo! group has primarily been set up for the participants of the ACM SAC TRECK track on Trust, Online Reputation, Evidence and other Collaboration Know-how:http://www.trustcomp.org/treck/ (ACM SAC TRECK)

The mailing list and group is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trustcomp/


Every person working in a field related to computational trust and reputation is welcome to subscribe to the mailing list (see at the bottom of this page).

The group is already composed of a panel of around 150 experts from both the academics and the industrials world, with competence from varied fields as security, human computer interaction, semantic Web, risk management, PKI, mobile ad-hoc networks, online reputation, mobile phones programming, WEB 2.0 user-centric identity, social software...

Active and open discussions range over topics like: computational trust, trust management, trust/risk engines, trustworthy recommenders, trust-based collaborative filtering, confidence in entity recognition, trust typology and topology, network/web of trust, trust-protected social/business networks, trust metrics analysis, trade-off between privacy and trust... Real-world applications under scrutiny concerns eBay-like reputation systems, Google's PageRankTM or PGP Web of trust.

It is expected that, from time to time, significant milestones and any consensus from various discussions will be documented and publicised on this site. For example, guidelines for the choice of the trust value format for the application under consideration are being compiled and should be available in the near future. For example:



Feel free to subscribe to the group and the mailing list:




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